Benefits of Nursery Child Care and Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Merry Poppets help me with the nursery fees?

Merry Poppets accepts child care vouchers from many providers such as Computershare and Edenred. If your employer uses a different provider, please check the Nursery Manager before registering your child.

2. Do you open for Bank Holidays?

Our nurseries are open 51 weeks a year, during which time full nursery fees are payable. On Bank Holidays and over the Christmas period we close and by law. As staffing levels equate to a large percentage our costs we are unable to give concessions in exchange for any bank holidays.

3. How often do you review your fees?

Our fees are reviewed each September through a structured process to look at the costs of operating the nursery. If we feel that the operating cost have risen we will then increase the fees. You will receive six weeks’ notice of any fee increase.

4. When does my child qualify for Free Early Education Entitlement?

Some 2 years old children are entitled to free early year’s education, comprising of 12 hours per week termtime only. Parents do not contribute towards this minimum entitlement, but will be charged fees for any services or child care that is addition to the free place. Please ask the Nursery Manager for details who canassess your individual the criteria.

All 3 and 4 year olds become eligible for the free early education entitlement called the Nursery Education Funding (NEF) the term after their third birthday. Your child may be entitled to free nursery education and child care for up to 15 hours per week. Please ask the Nursery Manager for further information.

5. Do you take the children out for trips?

Children may go on trips to the park, shops or other places as part of their educational development. These trips will help extend children’s learning and will be well planned and risk assessed, however parental consent is always required and parents will always have the choice to decline. Parents will always be advised of these trips before they occur.

6. How do I know about my child’s daily routine?

At the end of the day, your child’s key person will feed back information about your child’s day. This will include information about their sleep times, mealtimes and nappy changes. The key person will also feedback information about activities and experiences that your child has been involved with over the day. If the key person is not there the deputy manager will be available to share that information with you.

7. How do you prepare my child for school?

We expose children to a wide variety of experiences and activities which encourage them to make decisions and become independent learners. We show them mathematical concepts such as big and small, shapes as well as numbers. All of this they learn through playing with sand, water, and construction materials, using paint, glue and scissors and with outdoor activities.

We encourage children to read by looking at books, listening and telling stories, identifying words and signs in the environment, discussing pictures and looking and copying patterns. These are just some of the ways we expose children to reading. By making marks on paper and in sand with paint, we encourage participation in experiences that develop the big and small muscles that will help them write. Children have name cards to learn to identify their name and to copy onto their ‘work’. The key person’s role is to identify their learning and development needs and to plan activities and experiences that will assist them starting school.

8. My child has an allergy. How can you ensure they do not become exposed?

When you complete the ‘Profile and Pre-conditions Book”, there are a number of questions about allergies and diet. If your child has an allergy, parents will be asked to complete an allergy questionnaire. We also have a special diet questionnaire that parents complete for the kitchen staff and Nursery Nurses staff. When your child attends nursery, a form is completed by the Nursery Nurses and given to the Cook advising that your child will be attending nursery and that a special meal will need to be prepared. All staff who are working with your child will be made aware of this requirement. If your child has a severe allergy or requires an Epie Pen, we complete a Risk Assessment and Care Plan.

9. Who can I speak to if I have any questions regarding my child’s care and I don’t want to talk to the Deputy Nursery Manager?

Jane Laycock and Michelle McFadden are proprietors of Merry Poppets nurseries and have an excellent relationship with all Merry Poppets parents and the children, if at any time you feel it necessary to speak to them directly regarding nursery procedure or any member of the Merry Poppets staff, they will be happy to discuss and if required, action any concerns you may have. Personal mobile and home numbers are readily available for parents and can be found on all nursery literature.